Blue nun international eiswein


Blue Nun EISWEIN is the ultimate natural German Ice Wine in terms of quality and refinement. This EISWEIN shows sweet, rich peach fruit with a fine apple palate and some lemon notes. A fine sweetness on the finish rewards with an intense note of fruity grapes.

According to German law, only grapes that are being picked at -7 °C or colder can be qualified for Ice Wine making. The increasingly warm weather has posted a great challenge on productivity of Ice Wine in recent years. Plus, the amount of grapes for Ice Wine making is much more than normal wine making. Thus, every drop of this hand-made Ice Wine is truly precious.

It’s the perfect wine for festive occasions, when it can be enjoyed with desserts or as a deliciously smooth after-dinner drink.

Analytical information
Alcohol 10 % Vol.
Serving temperature 12 - 14 °C